The Plants of Pennsylvania

An Illustrated Manual

The second edition of The Plants of Pennsylvania is the authoritative guide to Pennsylvania's plant life. It is indispensable to taxonomists, conservationists, ecologists, foresters, land planners, teachers, agricultural county agents, students, amateur naturalists, and anyone else interested in the state flora.

The Trees of Pennsylvania

A Comprehensive Reference Guide

This fully illustrated, user-friendly volume contains a combination of line drawings by botanical artist Anna Anisko, color photographs, range maps, and identification keys. It also offers useful information on the biology of trees, the history of Pennsylvania's many forests, and important lists of the endangered, threatened, and rare trees within the state.

Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania

A Complete Reference Guide

The Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide, highlights the diversity and vital ecological importance of this group of plants, providing photographs, illustrations, descriptions, and identification keys for all emergent, floating-leaved, and submergent aquatic plants found in the Commonwealth.