Meet the Staff

Dr. Timothy A. Block

The John J. Willaman Chair of Botany

My research interests are in the flora of Pennsylvania and in GIS mapping of plant distribution.

Dr. Ann F. Rhoads

Senior Botanist, Retired

My research interests are focused on the floristics of Pennsylvania. I want to document the natural vegetation of the state and better understand historical and contemporary influences that have shaped the patterns of plant distribution we see today.

Dr. Cynthia Skema

Botanical Scientist

My research centers on the evolution and systematics of flowering plants, and involves the use of various tools to study their distribution, evolutionary relationships, morphology, anatomy and molecules. I am particularly interested in the floras of Pennsylvania and Madagascar, the digitization and dissemination of herbarium/floristics data, and the evolution of separate sexes in angiosperms. I specialize in the systematics of Malvaceae sensu lato, especially the dombeyoids.

Janet Mansaray

The Eli Kirk Price Endowed Flora of PA Intern

Amanda Quadrel

The John J. Willaman & Martha Haas Valentine Endowed Plant Protection Intern